Whomever you would ask, they will always say that Split is one of the most interesting and unique parts of Croatia. Quite understandably, for the list of monuments and attractions worth your attention is a long one, indeed. And a value added of this place is the proximity to the airport. The climate in Split has no equals, that’s a fact. Therefore, if you really want to know Croatia, you should definitely check a few most significant spots in the city of Split as well.



The town of Podstrana in Croatia where the Berfami Residence is located has barely 9 000 inhabitants. Around the town, there is the southern part of the Perun hills, stretching from the ridge peak up to the seaside. The northern – western side of Žrnovnica River, whereas the southern – eastern part ends on the Veliki Mutogras Hill (98 m a.s.l.). Merely 8 km away from Podstrana, there is the city of Split.



This magical part of Croatia, from the touristic point of view the most attractive one, divides into the northern, middle and southern part. The whole archipelago of Dalmatia consists of 926 little islands, rocks and reefs altogether. Blue sky and blue see – it’s a true synonym of Croatia.


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